Short Number Plates

We get it, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer our stunning short number plates in 13, 16, and 18 inches. Whether you've got a sleek sports car, a sturdy SUV, or anything in between, we've got the perfect fit to make your vehicle's backside as good-looking as its front.


Laser cut to precision

Our short number plates are expertly laser-cut to ensure unparalleled accuracy and quality. With sleek designs and flawless execution, our short number plates are guaranteed to make a statement on any vehicle. Explore our collection and redefine your vehicle's style today.

Short Number Plates in the UK: Customization, Legality, and Compliance Guide

Discover how to legally customize your vehicle with short number plates in the UK. Our guide covers the essential DVLA requirements, including the 11mm border gap and BSAU145e specifications, to ensure your plates are both stylish and compliant.

What Are Short Number Plates?
Short number plates are custom-sized, physically smaller than standard plates, crafted to fit more snugly and aesthetically on a vehicle. This customization involves precisely cutting the acrylic plate to a smaller size, enhancing the vehicle's appearance by ensuring the plate complements its design. The degree of shortening can vary, allowing for a bespoke fit that matches the owner's preferences and the vehicle's specifications.
Why Choose Short Number Plates?
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Short number plates provide a cleaner look by minimizing empty space on the plate, making your vehicle stand out with a more bespoke appearance.
  2. Vehicle Customization: For those passionate about customizing every aspect of their vehicle, short number plates add another level of personal touch.
  3. Cohesion: Short number plates can complement other modifications made to your car, ensuring a coherent and attractive design.
Are Short Number Plates Legal in the UK?
Short number plates are a stylish customization option for vehicle owners in the UK looking to enhance their car's appearance. However, it's crucial to understand the legal requirements to ensure these modifications do not lead to fines or other penalties. The legality of short number plates hinges on adhering to specific guidelines set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
Key Legal Requirements for Short Number Plates:
  1. 11mm Border Gap: One of the critical aspects of short number plate legality is the border gap. The DVLA mandates an 11mm gap from the edge of the plate to the start of any characters. This requirement ensures that the characters are clearly legible and the plate maintains a standard format. When customizing a plate to make it shorter, the border gap must still meet this specification, ensuring that the plate's aesthetic modifications do not compromise its legality.
  2. BSAU145e Specification Compliance: All number plates, including short number plates, must comply with the British Standard (BS AU 145e). This standard specifies the materials, construction, and reflective properties of number plates. It ensures that plates are durable, legible in various lighting conditions, and capable of being recognized by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. Plates that conform to this standard will have the BSAU145e mark, indicating they meet the necessary quality and visibility requirements.
  3. Font Size and Spacing: Despite the physical plate size being shortened, the characters on the plate must still adhere to the specified font size and spacing. This means the characters themselves cannot be altered in size or squeezed closer together to fit the smaller plate. The aim is to maintain uniformity and ensure plates are easily readable by both humans and ANPR systems.
Ensuring Compliance:
To ensure your short number plate is legal, always:
  • Purchase from a reputable supplier recognized by the DVLA.
  • Verify that the plate meets the BSAU145e standard and displays the respective mark.
  • Confirm the plate design adheres to the 11mm border requirement and correct character dimensions.
By following these guidelines, vehicle owners can confidently customize their plates, knowing they comply with UK laws and regulations. Short number plates can thus provide a legal and stylish addition to any vehicle, enhancing its appearance while respecting the standards set forth for road safety and regulation.
How much are Short Number Plates?
Short number plates, known for their compact and stylish appearance, typically range in price from £40 to £60 for a set. This affordability allows vehicle owners to personalize their cars without a hefty price tag. For those looking to further customize their vehicles, mixing and matching short plates is an attractive option, with each plate available for an additional charge of just £5 per plate. Whether you're seeking to streamline the look of your car with a uniform set or to stand out with a unique combination, short number plates offer a cost-effective and versatile solution to elevate your vehicle's aesthetic.
What are the sizes of Short Number Plates
Our short number plates come in various dimensions tailored to fit different plate lengths.
For five-digit plates, we offer a compact 13-inch size.
Need a bit more space? Our 16-inch plates perfectly accommodate six-digit configurations.
For those extra characters, our 18-inch plates are ideal for seven-digit designs.
Explore our selection of short number plates today and find the perfect fit for your vehicle.